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28.01.2013  REPORT submitted by Y.D. Zakharov (Far East Geological Institute of Far East Division RAS) on IGCP Project 572 “Restoration of marine ecosystems following the Permian-Triassic mass extinction: Lessons for the present” for 2012 >>>


Dear Colleagues,

On February 20-21, 2012, the IGCP Scientific Board held in Paris their annual meeting which discussed newly submitted proposals and ongoing projects of the International Geoscience Program (IGCP) co-funded by IUGS-UNESCO.

It is my great pleasure to inform you that our project “Continental construction of the Altaids (Central Asian Orogenic Belt) compared to actualistic examples from the Western Pacific”, short title “Continental construction in Central Asia” was approved for funding as one of the few new IGCP projects. We would like to congratulate you on behalf of the team that organised our IGCP proposal and wish to thank everybody for help, participation, kind support and encouragement.

with best regards,
Inna Safonova, Reimar Seltmann, Min Sun

1st circular of IGCP 592

10.04.2012  IGCP 493 and 587: The Rise and Fall of the Vendian Biota >>>

20.12.2010  THE FUTURE of the GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES "IUGS-IGC-YES Network.  Early Career Geoscientists Essay Contest" >>>

15.03.2010   International Conference "Geoevents, Geological Heritage, and the Role of the IGCP" is organized under the auspices of IGCP Secretariat (UNESCO and IUGS) by the Spanish National Committee for IGCP, Caravaca de la Cruz, Spain, 15-18 September, 2010. >>>

15.03.2010   International meetings held in Russia with participation of the following IGCP projects: 514, 540 >>>

03.02.2009   First World Young Earth Scientists Congress, Beijing, October 2009 >>>

28.01.2009   34 international Geological Congress,August 2012, Australia >>>

22.09.2008    Special section "Fluids of orogenic gold deposits" within the XIII International Conference on Thermobarogeochemistry and IV APIFIS, Moscow. >>>

26.06.2008   International Conference "Development of Early Paleozoic biodiversity: role of biotic and abiotic factors and event correlation", Moscow. >>>

05.06.2006   Sessions of the IGCP projects 479, 486, 502 during the 12-th Quadrennial IAGOD Symposium 2006 >>>

22.05.2006   Sessions of the IGCP project 514"Fluvial palaeosystems: evolution and mineral deposits" during 12-th Guadrennial Iagod Symposium 2006 >>>

11.01.2006   International Symposium, IGCP project 503. >>>

30.12.2005   A Field Guide for geological excursion on Cambrian and Ordovician of St-Petersburg Region which was held during the 6-th Baltic Stratigraphical Conference/IGCP meetings >>>

29.12.2005   Third International Symposium of IGCP-476 (September 20-23, 2005, Vladivostok): abstracts >>>

27.12.2005   Programme of the International Conference "Devonian Terrestrial, and Marine Environments: from Continent to Shelf" (IGCP Project 499 / SDS joint field meeting), July 25-August 9 2005. Download the Programme (.doc, 260kb)

03.08.2005   IGCP project proposals for 2006 and forthcoming 2005-2006 IGCP meetings, IUGS Electronic Bulletin #11 >>>

21.06.2005   Forthcoming IGCP meetings( 2005-2006). IUGS Electronic Bulletin #10 >>>

20.06.2005   International workshop and field excursions, IGCP project 480 >>>

19.05.2005   Third International symposium of IGCP project 476 >>>

24.03.2005   IGCP projects active in 2005 >>>

14.03.2005   New IGCP projects in 2005 >>>

9.03.2005   Our Congratulations to Professor Natalia G.Patyk-Kara (IGEM RAS), initiator of the new IGCP project "Fluvial Palaeosystems: Evolution and Mineral Deposits".
The project has been approved by the IGCP Scientific Board in February 2005 under the № 514!

18.02.2005   33rd INTERNATIONAL GEOLOGICAL CONGRESS. 33rd IGC document (.pdf, 4.8mb) open

2.02.2005   Members of the IGCP Scientific Board 2005.   >>>




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